Friday Night || Ethan & Bella

Ethan Redgrave stood over the cooker in the kitchen of his apartment. There was a lot of heat emanating from there as he fried the chicken he was cooking for himself and Bella. Cooking for a woman was something Ethan took great care and pride in, he wanted to make a good impression upon her, though he’d probably done that already. Adding the sauce to the  chicken in the pan, he stirred it before checking on the other parts of dinner. As soon as he’d finished checking, Ethan leaned against the counter and took a sip of the scotch he’d prepared for himself. He’d gotten a few bottles of wine for her but he had never been a fan.

As Ethan waited for Bella to arrive, his mind turned to the evening ahead. Oddly, he felt a little nervous. Ethan wasn’t sure why he was, he’d slept with Bella a few times recently and he’d cooked for her before, but there was something about it. Maybe it was because she was coming to his place for the first time. Or maybe he wasn’t prepared to admit that he rather liked her and this could get more close and intimate than just sex. Dismissing such thoughts from his head as he heard a knock at the door, Ethan put his scotch down and went to answer it. Opening the door to reveal Bella standing there, he smiled warmly and said “Bella, lovely to see you, come in.”

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