Accommodating || Ethan & Bella

Ethan arrived outside the apartment building at the address Bella had given him. He’d met the gorgeous redhead on the network, which he’d only signed up for that weekend. Already, it had paid dividends, judging by how he and Bella were going to sleep together. He couldn’t wait in truth, he had been incredibly busy both with his book tour and writing another one, so Ethan welcomed any time he got to relax. 

Making his way into the building, he climbed the stairs to the floor where Bella’s apartment was. Once he’d arrived on the floor, he took out a copy of his first book, which Bella had asked him to bring and signed an inscription into the first page. "I hope this book won’t be your only memory of today, Ethan." Having done that, Ethan stepped up to Bella’s door and knocked twice, eagerly awaiting what was to come. 

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